poems & photographs

"She's mad but she's magic. There's no lie in her fire." -Charles Bukowski

untitled #20

plant a garden
says the soul
winged life
be my salvation


untitled #19

if youth is wasted
on the young,
what then is wasted
on the old?

untitled #18

light comes in
at the broken places?

then my heart must be all aglow.

funny, all it feels
is broken.

rise up

rise up
from your sickness
from your fear
from your danger
from your hatred
rise up
embrace the all
embrace the one
believe in your power,
your worthiness,
your goodness,
your purpose
rise up
and know you are loved

untitled 17

if a picture

is worth a

thousand words

perhaps tis time

for quiet


untitled 16

Words are flighty things
Feathers in the air
But not a bird.
Is it dead
Or merely molting?

Words say much
Or nothing at all
Try so hard
And fail so often.

the spaces in between
are where
the indescribeable


Last Stop Before The Infinite Stream Of Unconditional Love

I was sleeping
When you called my name.
Woke up and there you were
Bright, shining, smiling,
Whole again.
Free from life
Full of love,
Then gone.
One with the unknown
The unknowable
A part of the infinite
The energy of love.


Sardine Sandwiches

Funny the things
you remember
about people
when they’re gone.

I remember you loved
sardine sandwiches.

At lunch
the other kids abandoned you,
holding their noses
leaving you sad & alone.

Whenever I could
I sat with you.

Then one day you retreated,
no more sardine sandwiches.
Peanut butter & jelly,
same as the others
and back in their
good graces.

Are there sardine sandwiches
where you are now?

I hope so.

And I hope the other kids
aren’t mean.