poems & photographs

"She's mad but she's magic. There's no lie in her fire." -Charles Bukowski

untitled 14

pretty yellow flowers
polluting with pollen
breathing now a luxury


untitled 13

i free me from these chains
that bind so tightly
so i can breathe again

untitled 12

we danced for rain
we prayed for rain
now we’ll have to build an ark


So long ago
you grew
within me
quietly at first
oh, so quietly
I never knew.

Then raucously
you rampaged
through me
changing my body

And then you were gone.
Changing my heart

haiku 2

mountains of cloudstuff
dwarf mountains of rock and stone
blue and white and blue

untitled 11

Shatter your silence
be shards of glass.
Fling your fear like feces.

This is no time
for self indulgence.

untitled 10

So, it’s back to war, then.

Back to “elected” women & men
sending innocent women & men
into the bowels of unspeakable horror
to be maimed, killed,
driven insane,
while the “elected” women & men
sit in their comfortable chairs
applaud themselves
collect their fat salaries
and lie about it all.

George, Ben, Thomas, Harriet, Abe,
and all the other fathers & mothers
howling in their graves.

This is not the country
they imagined.

Sometimes I wish
zombies were real.


One of our own
a bright light
of truth, a reveler
in the glory of words
is silent now.

May he haunt us forever.

untitled 9

the raven
speaks in tongues
incomprehensible to me.
what say you, bird?